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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 72

Neera and Jean were busy these days.

Jean’s office was filled with documents, and several projects required him to attend meetings. He was working tirelessly, and his schedule became erratic.

On a weekend night, it was almost ten o’clock when he finished his work.

As Ian drove him back, he said, "Mr. Beauvort, it seems that Mr. Frederic was serious this time. He’s actually preparing for your wedding and has even chosen a hotel!"

Jean was resting on the back of the car when he suddenly opened his eyes.

The streetlights outside reflected on his face, which made him appear more handsome.

Jean coldly said, "Tell Mr. Frederic that there’s no way I’ll attend the wedding!"

His voice was decisive.

Ian worriedly said, "What if Mr. Frederic insists and sends her over?"

Jean replied, "Then we’ll kick her out! No one is allowed to step into Imperial Gardens."

Ian was speechless.

Mr. Beauvort was really determined to confront Mr. Frederic!

Life is really tough to be the middleman between them!

During their conversation, they arrived home.

Jean felt uncomfortable with his stomach as he drank some alcohol tonight.

Ian noticed and asked, "Mr. Beauvort, are you alright? Do you need some medicine?"

Jean shook his head and went upstairs to take a shower.

Unexpectedly, in the middle of the night, his stomach pain got worse. He was in pain with cold sweat forming on his forehead.

Over the years, he had taken many medications due to long-term illnesses.

Some of these medications had unavoidable side effects that severely damaged his stomach.

Jean normally refrained from drinking alcohol. But tonight's meeting was too important. He had a few cups of alcohol just to show his sincerity.

He never expected the stomach pain to be this serious!

Ian was called over and saw his condition. He was frightened and thought Jean was suffering from neuralgia again.

"Mr. Beauvort, this can't be resolved with just medicine! I'll go find Ms. Garcia. Please bear with it for a moment!"

Jean did not have time to stop him.

At this late hour, Neera was already asleep.

She woke up in a daze when she heard the doorbell. As she opened the door, she saw Ian’s anxious face and asked, "What's wrong? It's so late. Why did you come over?"

Ian urgently said, "Ms. Garcia, Mr. Beauvort is in unbearable pain right now. Please come and take a look!"

Neera frowned as she heard Ian’s words.

It must be serious at this hour, and Ian is this anxious.

Neera did not say anything and followed Ian back home.


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