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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 73

Soon, they arrived at Jean’s room. Jean was still curled up in pain and had a pale face. Neera glanced at him and approached to treat him. Jean said, "It's not neuralgia. My stomach is uncomfortable."

Neera hesitated and asked, "Stomach ache? What happened?"

She noticed that he had a lot of sweat.

The intensity of the pain must be severe. Ordinary stomach aches should not be this severe…

Ian was stunned and realized he had misunderstood the situation.

"Mr. Beauvort, is it because of the alcohol you had tonight?" Ian asked.

Jean remained silent and nodded.

Neera asked coldly when she heard Ian’s words, "You drank alcohol?"

Her tone was not nice. Jean and Ian sensed something was wrong.

Ian quickly said, "Mr. Beauvort did have some alcohol, but just two small cups."

Neera suddenly smiled and stared coldly at Jean.

"You’re amazing! Do you still drink alcohol with your body condition? If you don’t want to recover, just give up the treatment. Why bother wasting our time? If you're not bothered, I'm still bothered by the waste of time!"

Neera was about to leave. Jean and Ian were stunned. They never expected Neera to become so furious suddenly.

Ian grabbed her and said, "Ms. Garcia, please calm down. Mr. Beauvort rarely drinks alcohol. It was a special circumstance tonight, and he had no other choice. I promise you, I will keep a close eye on Mr. Beauvort. He won't make the same mistake again. Please, don't give up on him!" Neera’s anger truly frightened him. Dr. Nancy was not here. Mr. Beauvort could only rely on her to save him! If she gave up on him as well, what would they do?

Jean was stunned as well. He never expected Neera to be mad. This was truly the first time… Only she dared to do this!

Jean said, "Tonight's project is extremely important for the company. It was because of this that I made an exception. I won't touch alcohol again in the future."

Neera still felt angry. After Ian continued to persuade her, she reluctantly held back her anger and calmed down.

"Anyway, the body is your own; if you don't care for it, I can't be bothered!" Neera said.

Ian continued to say, "Don't worry. Mr. Beauvort takes care of himself very well. Ms. Garcia, please don’t be angry anymore. If things happen again, I’ll drink for him. Can you treat his stomach now? He has developed some resistance to regular stomach medicine, so it's not very effective."

Neera stared at Jean, took a pill from her medical kit, and passed it to Ian.

"Give it to him!"

After saying that, she walked away without any expression.


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