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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 86

The more Roxanne thought about it, the more jealous she became. "It makes sense why she was so arrogant when she returned this time. She doesn't care about the five percent of the shares. It turns out that she has plenty of money."

"Where did she gain so much money?" Alfonso continued to appear doubtful. "How can this be possible? You might not be able to live in the Imperial Gardens, even if you are affluent!"

Roxanne grinned. "Dad, aren't you getting it yet? She must have found a wealthy sugar daddy on her own. Even though Aunt Adriana runs a company overseas, she wouldn't be giving her so much money," Roxanne added with a disdainful expression on her face. "It makes sense why Dad wasn't able to locate her no matter how hard we tried. Her sugar daddy certainly seems to have influence! She committed such a heinous act! If others find out, they will mock us."

Alfonso was furious and said, "She embarrassed me!"

Susan was worried. "Dear, what should we do about the Beauvort family's wedding if Neera has an influential sugar daddy? Now that the marriage has been moved forward, how can we fool her now if she doesn't care about the shares?"

Alfonso's expression changed as a result of this. This marriage arrangement had too many advantages. In addition to a billion-dollar investment, the Beauvort family promised hundreds of millions of dollars in dowry! The Garcia family must seize this opportunity if they want to succeed! As a result, this marriage must be carried out! "If that is the case, then we will have to pay the price", Alfonso said while gritting his teeth. "Take out the jewelry set from your safe", he said as he turned to face Susan. "It’s an inheritance from her mother. Use this to trick her into coming out to meet you."

Susan wasn't pleased. That red diamond jewelry set was valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. She wore it to banquets and always drew the envy and adoration of many people. She finally obtained the jewelry, and Alfonso was about to return it to Neera!

As soon as Alfonso noticed Susan’s objection, he scowled furiously. "Do you want the benefits the Beauvort family has promised, or do you want this jewelry? With assistance from the Beauvort family, we can secure a billion-dollar project, and you will be able to purchase any jewelry you like in the future. At that point, the Garcia family will be well-known and wealthy. I'll take you to the auction to purchase a better jewelry set. Don't you understand that the most important thing now is to allow the wedding to take place?"

When Roxanne heard this, she convinced Susan. "That's right! That jewelry set is ordinary and has been worn by other women. When the Garcia family's business grows, you can choose another finer piece of jewelry!" Simply imagining Neera marrying that ill man and spending the rest of her days as a widow made Roxanne happy. Even though Susan was unwilling, she had no choice but to agree.


Neera was unaware of the Garcias' plans. The day before the wedding, she unexpectedly got a call from Alfonso. "Is there a problem?" Neera asked. After a brief moment of uncertainty, she answered the phone. Even though she didn't want to, she was thinking about the shares her mother left her.

On the other end of the line, Alfonso felt offended when he heard Neera talking disrespectfully to him; given his purpose for the conversation, he could only put up with it for now while maintaining his composure and saying, "Aunt Adriana talked to me previously and we talked about shares. Come and sign the paperwork for the share transfer if you have time in the afternoon. Then you get five percent of the shares of the company."


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