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The Enigmatic Return novel Chapter 87

Neera didn't believe Alfonso. Would he be so generous? Neera questioned, "Why did you suddenly change your mind now? Am I no longer needed to carry out the marriage arrangement?"

Alfonso snorted coldly and said, "If Aunt Adriana hadn't helped you fight for it, I wouldn't care about you! Regarding the marriage arrangement, we no longer rely on you! If you don't come today, I will keep the relics of your biological mother!"

Neera scowled when she heard this. "My mother's relic? What exactly is it?"

Alfonso replied, "She brought a set of jewelry from home when she got married." Neera asked, "Since this thing exists, why didn't you mention it earlier?" Alfonso had not expected her to ask questions; he was at a loss for words for a moment. Neera quickly figured it out. She recalled Adriana once mentioning that her biological mother was the daughter of a wealthy family. Later, despite her family's disapproval, she chose to run away with Alfonso to be with him. However, it did not end well! Since she brought that set of jewelry, it must be really valuable! Alfonso probably hadn't mentioned anything before because he had taken away the jewelry a long time ago.

Alfonso mentioned it to lure Neera back to the Garcia family's house. She didn't want to give up, even though she was aware of its danger. Even though she had never met her biological mother, she had learned a lot about her from Aunt Adriana over the years and had a general idea of her. Her mother was sweet, gentle, talented, and stunningly attractive. Even though Neera had never lived with her mother and had never experienced what it was like to be taken care of by her, Neera knew that her mother loved her very much through Aunt Adriana's narration. Therefore, she had to get this relic back! After making the decision, she gave a precise address, "You will send someone to deliver the documents and jewelry to this cafe in thirty minutes. I won't go back to Garcia's home; I'll just wait there."

Alfonso had not expected her to be so watchful. But, thankfully, she agreed to meet. He eventually agreed to it. Neera's first move after hanging up the phone was to call Aunt Adriana to confirm the news about the jewelry and shares.

Adriana quickly admitted, "I did contact him several times; after all, I don't want you to become the victim of the Garcia family, but he refused to listen to my advice. Now he seems to have changed his mind and accepts that you don't need to get married, and he also took the initiative of returning your mother's relics to you. Something isn't right! I'm the one who knows him best. He can't be kind."

"I won't stop you from going. But you must be wary of him and take precautions," said Adriana. "Don't worry, Aunt Adriana, I'll take care of it," Neera murmured. After the call, Neera checked the time and prepared to leave. Her new car had been delivered two days ago, and she drove straight to the cafe.

However, as soon as she walked out the door, she ran into Jean's car. "Ms. Garcia, what a coincidence! Are you going out?" Lan said as he slid down the window. "Well, where are you two going?"

Neera said as she lowered the car window. "Are you going to work?"

"We're not going to the company," Lan said with a smile. Sire needs to go to Claret City for a business trip, and he won't be back until the day after tomorrow."


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