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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1289

She silently counted the days since he’d left and returned in her mind. They only saw each other once at their engagement party before parting, having no chance to be together. She remembered every single day vividly.

Damon was speechless. Just... a little over a week? Was his charm really that weak?

For him, a week felt like a century, but for her, it was just a week?

A sense of frustration surged in his heart and he bit her lips strongly. Chloe moaned in pain, trying to push him away, but saw his handsome face seemingly emanating a cold aura.

She quickly bit her lip and hid them in her mouth, looking at him with bright eyes. Recalling why he suddenly got angry, she dared not speak for the moment.

As each second passed, Damon's expression became increasingly grim; he pressed down on her a little more, his handsome face close to hers.

His deep eyes scanned her face back and forth, his low voice carrying a hint of danger. "It seems I didn't try hard enough to leave a deep impression on you."

After saying this, he kissed her deeply, domineeringly pushing his tongue into her mouth. Their lips and tongues intertwining.

Chloe was scared by his domineering tone and actions. She quickly shook her head in denial. "No... I didn't..."

Damon gave a low, cold chuckle, his deep and enchanting voice echoing in the air. "Nine weeks..."

He murmured, seemingly calculating something. Chloe saw him like this and instinctively felt something was wrong, she hurriedly tried to explain,

"I didn't mean anything by it, actually two weeks is really okay..."

Damon scoffed coldly.

Chloe quickly corrected herself, "No, actually I missed you too, really, I'm not lying to you, but, we can't do it now, there're babies..."

Damon closed his lips, feeling like he had just been overly excited for nothing. This wasn't two surprises, but two burdens, seriously affecting his happiness!

Seeing Damon's pale face, Chloe suddenly furrowed her brows, moved her nose a bit, grabbed his shoulders with both hands and forcefully flipped their positions.

Caught off guard, Damon was pinned under her. Chloe stretched her legs and sat on Damon. Then, she briskly tore open his shirt.

This bold move raised Damon's eyebrows, but before he could enjoy it, he saw Chloe staring intensely at his shoulder, her face suddenly turning cold and hard.

"Damon!" Chloe shouted coldly, her eyes piercingly fixed on him. "Are you playing with your life? With such a heavy injury, don't you know you need to take care of yourself..."

Her eyes filled with tears as she saw the bandage on his shoulder stained red, the strong smell of blood stirring a complex mix of anger and worry in her heart.

Damon was taken aback, and spoke softly, "...I'm fine..."

"You get out! I don't want you here!" she yelled. If he had just obediently stayed in the hospital, this wouldn't have happened.

Damon reached out and held her, his anger towards her disappeared. Holding this woman, he felt incredibly hurt.

"It's because I was so happy when I found out you were pregnant, so I lost control for a moment..." His gaze fell on Chloe's belly. "it's all their fault!"


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