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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1290

The wait was long.

When Damon emerged from the bathroom, Chloe was waiting for him at the door, her gaze first landing on his shoulder. His bandage was tied pretty neatly.

Then, she turned to Damon and whispered, "You were in there for quite a while..."

A small ripple of emotion passed through Damon as he smirked slightly. "Did I do a good job on the bandage?"

He pointed to his bandaged shoulder, indirectly answering her question.

Chloe gently bit her lip and moved into his warm, broad embrace. "Damon... I really love you."

Damon's eyes narrowed slightly as he pulled Chloe tightly into his arms. "If I can't touch you, can you please stop tempting me all the time?"

Chloe smiled slightly, hugging Damon's waist tightly, and nestled quietly in his arms.


Damon found that as long as he was with this woman, no place would ever feel dull. In fact, he hadn't left Chloe's room for three days.

They watched movies together and talked about the company. Chloe shared gossips from the entertainment industry, updates about the company, and even about the competition between Infinity Media and Starlight International.

At noon, Chloe prepared lunch downstairs. Damon was handling business in the study next door.

After Nate had sent through the files and work reports that needed dealing with, he said seriously, "Mr. Harper, rumors in the company have been spreading wider and wider recently, don't you think you should have a serious talk with Presley?"

Damon was expressionless, seeming unconcerned about this.

"How's the collaboration with PrimeVision going?"

Nate quickly replied, "They're probably evaluating at the moment, I believe we'll hear from them soon."

Despite his confidence in Mr. Harper's abilities, the scale of this collaboration was unprecedented. The collaboration hadn't been confirmed yet, but Mr. Harper had already invested funds. If successful, this would be the Harper Group's most symbolic business collaboration, and the benefits derived from it would be enduring. The scale of this collaboration was making Nate a bit nervous.

All of this depended on PrimeVision's decision.

Damon looked calmly at his computer screen, his tone steady. "They'll agree."

His gaze and tone were as if he were the decision maker of PrimeVision.

Nate let out a small sigh of relief. "Then Mr. Harper, remember, the rumors in the company..."


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