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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1294

Katie agreeing to be Miles's model so easily took Chloe by surprise. After all, for a girl who had been hiding in the shadows with a low self-esteem for years, it took balls to step up like this.

The international makeup competition was just around the corner, and thinking of how Wendy was secretly scheming to use Jacob against her, Chloe couldn't help but check on Katie.

Though there was always wins and losses in competitions, she could accept Miles losing a hundred times in the future, but not this one. Even though being competitive wasn't necessary, she couldn't help it. She was just an average Joe!

Since Wendy wanted a piece of the action, once she had forced onto the competitive stage, she couldn't handle a loss.

The big reason being- She couldn't let others question Damon's good taste.

This competition was important for Miles, and equally critical for Starlight International, and for her.

Early in the morning, Chloe again woke up naturally. She moved her eyes, and saw the light coming in from outside. She instinctively raised her hand to shield her eyes.

But as soon as she raised her hand, it was grabbed by someone. She instinctively put some strength into it, but it was no use.

She frowned and mumbled in dissatisfaction. Just as she was about to open her eyes, she felt a shadow above. Her nose picked up the familiar fresh scent, with a hint of clean shower gel.

A freshly showered, neat and tidy Damon.

Chloe knew that if she opened her eyes, she would be met with a handsome man. With a pursed lip, she slowly opened her eyes, and the handsome face in close proximity instantly stole her heart.

For a moment, she was completely smitten by this handsome man. Her gaze fixed on Damon's face, greedily taking in his good looks, frozen in place.

Damon stared at her, a slight smile on his face, his deep and charming voice filled with delight, "Good morning, Mrs. Harper."

His voice was simply too pleasant to the ear.

Mrs. Harper... Chloe blinked, pleased by the title. She slowly smiled, lazily lying in the pillow and rubbing her head against it. Then she yawned and looked up at him, "Good morning, Mr. Harper."

As she said so, one of her hands rested on Damon's neck. The warm hand was touching his skin and her fingertips were playing with his soft hair.

Damon smiled gently and indulgently, looking at her bare arm and collarbone. With a flicker in his eyes, he couldn't help but lean down and kiss her.

A deep kiss turned Chloe's cheeks bright red. She turned around, burying her face in Damon's chest, inhaling the fresh scent of the man. Feeling his body heat, her entire heart was filled with happiness and satisfaction.

Damon let her snuggle up to him, her soft body pressed against his. Everything was quiet.

Until the sound of even breaths came from his arms again, Damon paused, unable to help but chuckle. She had fallen asleep again.

In a daze, Chloe slept for about another hour before she opened her eyes again. The man was still by her side. Chloe blinked, lifted her head, and saw the man leaning against the headboard. He was holding a phone, seemingly looking at something.

"What are you looking at?" Chloe asked.

She glanced around and then sat up leaning against his chest, her head tilted towards Damon's phone.

Sure enough, what she saw was the email document she had expected.

Damon let her look, and stroked her slightly messy hair.

"Are you hungry?" He asked.


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