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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1293

Elizabeth slowly approached her, giving a slight smile, "You wanted me to stay, didn't you? I would stay, as you wish. But now, pack up your stuff and get out of the Harper family!"

Addie glanced nervously at Presley, but seeing him sitting there, lips tightly pressed together, she said, "Aren't you being too harsh?"

Elizabeth turned to look at him, "Presley, you can't bear it?"

Hearing her say 'can't bear it', Presley's face twitched. Finally, he turned to look aside. Addie's face turned completely pale, her voice hurried and tearful, "Presley..."

"Everyone wants to be close to Presley, are you starting to act spoiled?" Elizabeth said.

Upon hearing this, even Royce, who was sitting calmly on the couch, couldn't help but crack a smile. This woman, she never gave up until she got what she wanted. A few words from her could make people suffocate.

Only now did Addie realize that all Elizabeth had said was to make Presley speechless. Even if Presley wanted to defend her now, he couldn't. And now, she had no chance to turn back.

Addie tried to explain, "Mrs. Harper, I was only thinking of what’s best for the family."

"You mean we're all the troublemakers of the family? Without you, we'd all be fighting?" Elizabeth retorted.

"That's not what I meant." Addie said.

"Of course not. On the contrary, how many times have Presley and I disagreed because of you?" Elizabeth said.

Addie was speechless.

Presley next to her pressed his lips again, thinking, indeed there were a few times.

Elizabeth glanced at Presley's expression, then looked at Addie. She sneered, "Get lost!"

Just because she didn't have time to deal with her before, didn't mean she couldn't when she wanted to! She would definitely punish her!

Elizabeth's mood finally improved a little. With her spirit, she started thinking about her troublesome son.

She had to go find him!

Just like Presley said, Damon had been contributing to the Harper family for so many years, only for someone else to possibly reap the benefits in the end. He might be able to accept that, but she sure couldn't!

Why should her hard-earned achievements be taken by someone else?

"Alright, darling, let's go." Elizabeth said.

Presley was speechless. She just kicked his people out, and now she wanted to leave right away?!

Royce could no longer continue discussing the shareholders' meeting with Presley. Presley had been trying to persuade him. And he had been trying to persuade Presley at the same time.


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