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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1296

Chloe frowned, uttering coldly, "Don't you dare leave!"

Miles' grip on the hospital room door turned his knuckles white, but he forced himself to halt. He hadn’t turned around, yet Chloe could sense the anger radiating off him from his rigid stance.

"What are you planning to do if you walk out now? Start a fight? Miles, have you lost your mind?"

His anger remained uncontrollable.

Jacob, that despicable snake, had previously done everything in his power to keep Miles from competing. Now, because of his position at Starlight International, he couldn't deal with him directly, so he resorted to such low tactics!

A car accident... He dared to endanger a life just for a competition!

If Jacob wanted to harm someone, he should've targeted him. Why drag Katie into this? The thought of killing Jacob right now was all too tempting for Miles. Just thinking about how Jacob pushed Katie to this state, Miles couldn't hold back. With a forceful push, he swung open the hospital room door.

"Do you really think Jacob, the man you know, would be so careless and make it this obvious?" The indifferent voice behind him made Miles tense up. "Who do you think he's putting on a show for, and you haven't figured it out yet? Miles, if you walk out that door to confront him today, you'll even lose your eligibility to compete."

That was Jacob's strategy. If he were beaten up by an irate Miles, and it became a media sensation, Miles would hardly have a chance to turn things around.

If a person wanted to suppress you, once they succeeded in doing so, they could keep you down for a long time.

If Jacob won the championship again, as a renowned international makeup artist, his glory would unlikely have allowed Miles a chance to expose his crimes, restrain him, or oppress him.

"You think you're the only one who sees something fishy? You think journalists are blind? Then why haven't they exposed this? Don't they want an exclusive? Because there's no evidence. Miles, Jacob's audacious actions are because he's confident no one can easily find evidence. If you go confront him now, it's like walking into a trap, you're practically seeking death!" Chloe glared at him coldly, her words devoid of warmth.

Such an obvious and foolish trap, everyone was waiting to see Miles make a fool of himself, waiting for Miles to hand Jacob the opportunity to strike him, to create the biggest scoop of the year, and he was actually going to do it!

Chloe's words seemed to finally snap him out of his rage. He turned around and went back into the room, his face still filled with indignation and resentment. "But Ms. Summers, we're just going to let this slide? He turned Katie into this..."

Seeing Katie, unconscious on the hospital bed, Miles swallowed hard. His eyes were filled with anguish, defiance, and guilt. It was all his fault, all his fault...

"We should take away what he values most."

Miles looked up at Chloe.

"Don't you know what he values most right now?"

Miles opened his mouth, an answer forming in his mind. Jacob had done everything to prevent him from competing, and now he was doing everything to stop the competition, going as far as not caring about human lives. Today's accident, whether it happened to Miles or Katie, would’ve halted the competition. It would be even better for Jacob if both of them were affected.

All of this, just so he could win the championship without a hitch.

A Three-time consecutive champion. This honor was almost equivalent to Chloe's three-time consecutive champion awards in the international perfume competition.


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