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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1297

"I'm not sure. The contest theme is definitely top secret, to be announced only when the contest starts."

On the other end at Infinity Media, Jacob lounged on the couch, phone in hand, a hint of sarcasm and glee in his voice.

"Cool, as long as she can't be Miles' model this time. Trying to attract attention with unattractive women, what a genius move."

Makeup artists were best at making ordinary women look beautiful! Such a contrast would stun and amaze everyone. For women like Katie, the transformation would be incredibly noticeable.

As for Miles' skills, he always acknowledged them. From the last time he saw Katie in Hong Kong, he knew that if it was Miles doing her face, he would definitely make her stand out. So, to ensure a third consecutive win, Jacob absolutely wouldn't allow Miles' participation this year to ruin his plans.

If he didn’t succeed this year, he would have to start over. He hated wasting time, especially on this matter.

Moreover, he wouldn’t allow him to turn their fate around by performing well in the Starlight International competition. While he was around, it would be impossible for Miles to shine.

The recent car accident was just him being ignorant. It was a shame Miles was okay.

According to the hospital report, Katie suffered a severe head injury and would not regain consciousness for a while, perhaps never. While it was unfortunate, as long as Miles missed this makeup contest, what did anyone else's life or death have to do with him?

Without Katie as a model, Miles had already lost half of the contest. Even if he found a replacement model, how could he fully focus on the contest with his shaken state of mind?

Meanwhile, in the mall, Wendy was shopping with Becky. With a relaxed expression, she said, "Tomorrow is the makeup contest. We will face Starlight International head-on, under heavy media attention. Jacob is aiming for a three-peat. He seems confident. I heard Chloe will be there too, you can enjoy her embarrassment."

Becky picked up a piece of clothing and looked at it, her arrogant face full of disdain. "That’s nothing. I just want that woman to apologize in front of me! Just seeing her embarrassment doesn't satisfy me!"

Wendy chuckled. "There will be many opportunities."

Everyone knew that Chloe and her mother had challenged the authority of the Alonso family. It would be a piece of cake for the Alonso family to deal with them. Wouldn't there be plenty of opportunities to see Chloe's downfall and embarrassment?

When Becky heard Wendy's words, she smiled contentedly. She was just a woman trying to fight the Alonso family, wasn't that asking for trouble?

Seeing her slowly getting into trouble was also a kind of enjoyment.

Becky, full of joy, picked up the skirt she had just seen and went into the fitting room.

Wendy looked around the store, but didn’t find anything she particularly liked, so she walked to a corner and took out her phone. Several unread messages were showing on the chat software. When she saw the ID of the person who sent the messages, her eyebrows furrowed, and when she clicked on it, she found a few pictures.

In the pictures were Chloe and Rose, with a city center hospital in the background.


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