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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1298

"Wendy, I'm up a creek without a paddle, which is why I'm calling you. I was just kicked out of the Harper family by Elizabeth, and I've got nowhere else to go. Can you..."

Wendy's brows furrowed instantly. "You got kicked out by Elizabeth? How could Presley agree to that?"

"Yes, Elizabeth suddenly lost it, accused Presley of favoring me too much right in front of him, and even brought up Alyssa. Presley had no comeback, so he let Elizabeth give me the boot..."

"Where are you now?" Wendy was getting a bit irked, she needed a mole in the Harper family, not another mouth to feed.

"I'm...still on the road outside the Harper family's mansion. I want to leave, but it's too far from downtown..."

Wendy mulled it over for a couple of seconds, then said nonchalantly, "Just stay put for now, I'll come find you. If we can coax Presley a bit, he probably won't let you go."

Addie hesitated, her voice betraying her reluctance. "But what about Elizabeth..."

"If Presley decides to keep you, Elizabeth probably won't kick you out again so soon."

Addie was over the moon. "Alright, Ms. Wendy, thank you so much. I've been working for the Harper family for so many years, I haven't made any big contributions but I've always been loyal to Presley. I believe he won't be so..."

"Mmhm." Wendy cut her off impatiently and hung up the phone.

Addie was cut off mid-sentence, her voice caught in her throat, but all she hoped for now was that Wendy would put in a good word for her so she could stay with the Harper family, so she didn't mind that much. She dragged her suitcase to the side of the road, found a clean spot to sit down, and waited anxiously for Wendy's arrival.

After hanging up, Wendy turned around to see Becky emerging from the dressing room in a stunning dress. She looked at herself in the mirror, very pleased. "Does it look good?"

Wendy nodded absentmindedly. "Very pretty."

Becky gave a proud hum. "I'll wear this to the masquerade ball tomorrow."

Wendy nodded. "Becky, you'll be the belle of the ball..." She paused, then said, "Becky, I have something to deal with right now, I might have to leave early, I'll have someone come pick you up. Is that okay?"

Becky was in a good mood, admiring herself in the mirror. "Hmm, you go ahead, I might want to look around a bit more."

Wendy breathed a sigh of relief.


Miles never left Katie's side. Despite Chloe's persuasion, he wouldn't budge.

Chloe finally stopped bothering him, she had said all that needed to be said. If he still couldn't accept reality, then it just proved that she had misjudged him.

After leaving the hospital, Chloe went straight back to the company. Everything had been eerily quiet in the days following the engagement party.

The Alonso family had yet to make a move. Did they simply not take Chloe seriously, or were they waiting for Wendy to make a move? But whether the Alonso family was underestimating Chloe or just giving Wendy a chance to prove herself as the future head of the family, Chloe didn't care. More accurately, it suited Chloe just fine. The more they overlooked her, the greater her chances of success were, right?

Chloe just got back to the company when she heard the news that the Harper Group was calling a shareholders' meeting. The old Board of Directors member was stepping down, and a new chairman was to be elected.


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