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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1301

Wendy was so furious that she was gnashing her teeth. She glanced downstairs, then suddenly grabbed Chloe's arm!

She yanked Chloe hard, then was about to let go. This kind of pulling and letting go could easily lead to accidents.

Chloe had to take a tumble in front of her, and it'd be best if she wasn't pregnant. If she was, then what a pity...

However, the thoughts flashing through Wendy's mind and the actions she was taking didn't go as she imagined. She yanked Chloe's hand hard but found that Chloe didn't react. Instead, she slowly turned around and looked at her with a cold gaze. "What are you trying to do, Ms. Alonso?"

Wendy's face instantly turned white. She subconsciously tried to withdraw her hand, but Chloe caught it and pulled Wendy, who was trying to escape, in front of her.

Chloe suddenly leaned forward, her cold eyes filled with a dominating aura instantly surrounding Wendy. Trapped by Chloe's gaze, Wendy felt as if her throat had been choked, and her breathing became difficult instantly.

She pulled hard, trying to retrieve her hand, but Chloe's strength only increased. After a few attempts, the only result was the pain coming from her own wrist.

Wendy bit her lip. She knew Chloe was rough by nature. Being good at horseback riding and shooting were things beyond her expectations, but she didn't expect Chloe to be so strong.

Wendy had used all her strength and tried to grab Chloe when she least expected it. However, it seemed Chloe probably could control the strongest person.

Wendy didn’t expect things to turn out like this. It was like a thief breaking into a house to steal something but getting caught red-handed in front of everyone.

“Let... let go of me.” Wendy couldn’t compete with Chloe’s strength, so she had to speak up.

Chloe sneered, “Ms. Alonso, it seems like you have more to say. I’m giving you the chance to speak.”

Wendy bit her lip hard, feeling utterly humiliated. But thinking about it, she and Chloe were enemies now. She tried to hurt Chloe just now, and from Chloe's reaction, she seemed to have figured it all out. Since that was the case, there was no point in hiding anything. "I saw you go to the hospital with Rose a few days ago, you went to the gynecology department for a check-up."

Chloe's expression remained calm; she nodded without surprise. From the moment she saw Wendy in the study, Chloe could tell from her obvious gaze what was going on.

They were now open enemies, so secretly spying on each other was expected. She had made an appointment for Rose's prenatal check-up. If Wendy really wanted to find out something, it wasn't impossible.

Wendy sensed something, so as soon as she got the news, she came to find Chloe. After all, her pregnancy was a big deal in the Harper family, and everyone in the house would know about it. And before long, Wendy would know.

A slight smile appeared on Chloe's indifferent face. "So, you suspect that I'm pregnant?"

Wendy shut her mouth tightly, trying again to move her wrist, but without success. Chloe's strength was really overwhelming.

Enduring the pain in her wrist, she said frankly, "Yes, I suspect you're pregnant. You should know that if you are, I'll be in a lot of trouble."


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