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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1302

In a flash of her eyes, Chloe relaxed her grip slightly as she saw Wendy's breathing became uneven. Wendy immediately took a deep breath, her oxygen-deprived brain slowly came back to function, with her gaze at Chloe full of anger.

Although angry, Chloe still maintained a certain respect for Presley.

With Presley seeing Chloe’s true colors again, Wendy was somewhat smug. Now Presley as an obstacle, would be even harder for Chloe to get through.

Chloe didn't ignore the provocation in Wendy's eyes. But with Presley present, Wendy seemed fearless. She lowered her voice, trying to provoke Chloe. "Presley told you to let me go!"

Chloe's eyes hardened a bit, which made Wendy a little scared. "What do you want to do? Chloe, Presley is here, you dare..."

Then Presley's roar rang out again. "Did you hear me when I told you to let her go?"

Chloe looked at Presley, her voice cold. "You want me to let her go knowing what she's done?"

"You want to hurt her in front of me?!"

Chloe clamped her mouth shut. Looking down at a smug Wendy leaning against the railing, she snapped. "You seem pretty smug, thinking I wouldn't dare do anything to you in front of Presley?"

With Marina helping Presley over, Wendy taunted, "Yeah, do you dare?"

She wasn't sure if she was pregnant yet, but being able to provoke Chloe was a good thing.

She took in Chloe's anger and panic, gloating inside. If Chloe was so angry that it affected her health, that would be even better. She was sure that Chloe wouldn't dare to do anything to her in front of Presley. Chloe could only suppress all her emotions.

Chloe stared at Wendy, suddenly laughing. "You think I care if Presley agrees with me now?"

Wendy's face changed slightly. "What do you mean?"

Chloe scoffed, turned to look at Presley, and said calmly, "If Presley hadn't been so stubborn, and had even a smidgeon of recognition for me, I might have had some scruples, and always considered not losing all his goodwill in his presence. But now since I'm worthless in his eyes, do you think I care if he hates me even more?"

Presley, who was getting closer, heard Chloe's words and froze. Chloe watched his rare, surprised expression, sneered, and turned her cold gaze back to Wendy. "I'm a vengeful person, so... just because you didn't succeed in hurting me, doesn't mean I'll let this go!"

Wendy felt something was wrong with her words. Presley frowned and subconsciously wanted to step forward to stop her, but then Chloe forcefully let go of Wendy's wrist. Wendy's body completely lost balance and rolled straight down the stairs!

"Ah!" Wendy screamed, then followed by the sound of a heavy object falling.

Everyone was stunned by the scene before their eyes. They just watched Wendy be openly pushed down the stairs by Chloe.


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