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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1309

Beverly grinned. "Thanks for the concern guys, but I've got total faith in him, he's never let me down."

Jacob planted a soft kiss on Beverly's cheek. "Without Beverly, I wouldn't be where I am today."

Beverly blushed, and the two of them put on a lovey-dovey show for the cameras. Their interaction was filled with affection, naturally earning the blessings of the press.

Because of being pushed down the stairs by Chloe yesterday, Wendy had a bruised face and didn't want to face the media, but still showed up wearing sunglasses. She made her entrance from the left side of the venue, followed by four bodyguards. She was wearing a deep red trench coat, looking dazzling and arrogant.

Despite not being particularly curious about her, people still flocked towards her. Because today's competition was between Infinity Media and Starlight International.

Four bodyguards surrounded Wendy, emotionlessly keeping the reporters at bay.

"She's acting like such a diva, just like the Alonso family's heiress."

"The Alonso family's lady has to rely on appearances now."

"Appearances are everything! If it wasn't for Presley, none of that would have happened at that engagement party a few days ago. If she wasn't the Alonso family's heiress, who could get away with acting first and reporting later?"

"True that, Ms. Wendy has her advantages, especially in terms of status, that's what Presley is interested in."

"Yeah, I heard that after Yasmine took Ms. Summers away, Mr. Harper and Ms. Summers haven't seen each other."

"I also heard that Presley's health is not good, which is why he is pushing Mr. Harper to marry the Alonso family's heiress as soon as possible. Ms. Summers and Mr. Harper have no future development, I heard the wedding was really canceled."

"Really? I also heard that Mr. Harper seems to agree to compromise with Presley, agreeing to continue dating the Alonso family's heiress..."

Hearing this, Wendy was even more smug. No matter how pretty Chloe was, this was the inherent difference. She felt superior, and this sense of superiority was something Chloe would never surpass.

Not now, not ever!

Just like people said, sooner or later, Damon would see the reality and come back to her.

Had they not seen each other for a while? So, was Chloe's sudden appearance at the Harper family yesterday because she was looking for Damon?

In that case, if Chloe really was pregnant, Damon probably didn’t know yet, right?

"Since you trust each other so much, how much confidence do you, as their boss, have in them, Ms. Wendy?"

In response to the reporter's question, Wendy stood quietly on the side, head held high, full of arrogance and nobility. "I have faith in my judgment. Just like Beverly, Jacob has never disappointed anyone. The two championships were his, and if he says he's confident about the third, I'll fully support and trust him."

"There are rumors that Jacob's predecessor is participating in the competition as a makeup artist for Starlight International. As someone who has lost to Ms. Summers in the competition many times, do you still think Jacob will win the triple crown?"


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