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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1308

"What're you lookin' at?"

Winston's voice was filled with irritation. Chloe glanced at him and, sure enough, he looked pretty sour.

She shrugged, pointed at the television, and said, "Herman, is not too shabby."

After saying that, she watched Winston's face for any reaction, then calmly turned and went into the kitchen.

But she had barely stepped inside when she heard the sound of a car engine outside. Damon walked into the living room, exchanging glances with Winston.

Winston was happily lounging on the sofa watching TV, and the comfortable sight rubbed Damon the wrong way.

Upon seeing Damon, Winston also scowled. The two men faced each other, neither saying a word for a while. Finally, as Damon was unbuttoning his coat, he grumbled, "When are you moving out?"

Winston chuckled and nonchalantly propped his feet up on the table. "Mr. Harper, this house belongs to the Pecks."

Damon's frown deepened. "I can buy this house."

"I'm not selling!"

Chloe heard the commotion and came out from the dining room, seeing Damon glaring at Winston seeming pretty ticked off. "Damon, you're back?"

Damon turned to look at Chloe, who had a bunch of vegetables in her hand. It seemed like she was cooking. He furrowed his brows, went over to her side, and took the vegetables from her. "What're you doing?"

"I'm making Mexican chili soup. You want some?"

"I'll have a bowl too."

Before Damon could respond, Winston butted in.

Damon frowned even more, almost crushing the vegetables in his hand. "We're moving out tomorrow," Damon said.

He couldn't stand this place anymore!

Chloe didn't object. She also agreed to move out with Damon. Seeing Chloe had no objections, Damon's mood lightened up a bit.

"Mexican chili soup?" he asked Chloe, and seeing her nod, he pulled her into the dining room, had her sit by the table, then he went into the kitchen to cook.

Before long, Chloe saw Damon come out with a bowl of Mexican chili soup.

Seeing the soup, Chloe's appetite surged. Damon's cooking skills were truly amazing. He could cook anything!

She picked up her utensils, blew on it and took a taste. It was absolutely delicious.


Chloe nodded, giving him a thumbs up. "Very good."

Damon's lips curved up slightly, enjoying her satisfied expression, his handsome face full of tenderness and affection.

When she finished the last spoonful of soup, Chloe finally let out a satisfied sigh. Looking up, she saw the man across from her staring at her. Her face involuntarily reddened. "Did I... eat too much?"


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