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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1314

Katie felt a bit bummed out, letting out a silent sigh. She wondered, what the hell was she doing? She was just helping Miles today, so why was she having all these pointless thoughts?

When she saw Miles open up a new set of makeup brushes, and then looked at the nearly identical makeup cases next to him, Katie couldn't help but ask, "Do you really need this many tools for the competition?"

Miles glanced at the cases nearby and shook his head. "Ms. Summers told me to prepare a set myself. She doesn't want me using the old one anymore."

Katie paused for a bit, then, after a moment, nodded. "Ms. Summers is always prepared. In these competitions, opponents might pull some tricks, like messing with these makeup tools."

It wasn't until the media reported that she was seriously ill following a car accident a few days ago that Katie realized the real purpose of the accident. Someone wanted to hurt Miles' model, and Ms. Summers had the hospital spread news of Katie's serious illness to make their opponents let down their guard, preventing any further harm to Katie before the competition.

If someone was willing to ruin a person's life just to win a competition, then messing with makeup or other tools was just normal for the course.

Sometimes, Katie felt like she could handle these problems on her own, but compared to Ms. Summers, she still seemed too new in the industry.

Before they knew it, the two-hour competition had passed. During the competition, many people dropped out, but in the end, many still hung in there.

Next was the magical transformation of the stage. The lights dimmed slightly, and with the subtle movement of each partition, a T-shaped runway gradually formed in the middle.

Everyone gasped in low tones; this year's competition seemed different from the start.

The host's voice rang out. "Enough chit-chat, let's all admire our beautiful brides today!"

With the sound of dreamy music, the International Makeup Competition instantly turned into a beautiful, dreamy bridal runway show.

At the end of the runway, a figure was swaying. Before long, the lights above the runway lit up one by one, and the white and pink decorations created a dreamy, fairy-tale stage effect.

Next, the models slowly walked onto the stage. Each model was dressed in a pure white wedding dress, some with bare shoulders, some daringly wearing deep V-neck dresses, some with short dresses in the front and long in the back, some with long dresses trailing behind, and some wearing transparent veils on their heads, swaying gently with each step.

Each model had a happy smile on her face, full of confidence, looking like the star of the day.

Each passing model had a number plate representing the designer's identity hanging around her waist. As each model passed, the host introduced the contestant's information.

There were only two contestants left who hadn't made their appearance, Miles and Jacob. If we went by the order of numbers, the next one should be Miles, number 166.

However, just as Miles was trying to get Katie to relax, he heard the host's voice. "Alright, next up is entry number 167, Jacob's work. Jacob is the chief makeup artist of Infinity Media, the exclusive makeup artist for many top stars and socialites, and also the champion of the International Makeup Competition for two consecutive years. So, can he achieve a three-peat this year? Please welcome model Beverly to the stage..."

Miles' expression instantly became serious. If the host's previous comments were either intentionally or unintentionally favoring Jacob, even saying that many people dropping out of the competition was an inadvertent act, then the current situation was too obvious. This host was clearly a Jacob fanboy.


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