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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1315

The host paused for a moment, then chuckled. "Really?"

Chloe knew he was stirring the pot on purpose, so she just laughed it off. "Jumping straight from number 165 to 167, where did 166 go?"

The host's face became rigid instantly. In front of Chloe, he, as a mature man who had been working for many years, suddenly felt extremely awkward.

"Do we even need to compare? Isn't the result obvious?"

"Mr. Jacob's work is obviously the grand finale. Inserting someone else at this point is just asking for trouble, isn't it?"

"If it were me, I wouldn't even compete, just to save myself the embarrassment..."

"Is that Ms. Summers from Starlight International speaking? Who is number 166?"

"What's the point of knowing who number 166 is? Do you think anyone else can surpass Mr. Jacob's work today?"

"Starlight International seems to be having a tough day today..."

Upon hearing these words, Wendy's smile grew even wider.

Becky's eyes darted around, she slowly stood up, looked down at Chloe, and chuckled. "Seems like you have a lot of faith in your makeup artist, huh?"

"What are you trying to say?" Chloe sat there, unfazed.

Becky furrowed her brows, disgusted by Chloe's indifference. "How about a wager? If you lose, you apologize to me. If the final champion isn't Jacob, then Wendy and I will admit defeat to you. How about it?"

Becky's words drew a gasp from the crowd. The room was buzzing with anticipation for this sudden showdown.

Everyone knew about the rivalry between Infinity Media and Starlight International, as well as the rivalry between Wendy and Chloe. Now that someone had proposed a face-off, the clear divide was getting everyone's blood pumping.

The rule was simple, if you lose, you apologize. Even though the punishment seemed minor, it still sparked excitement among the crowd.

Just as everyone was gearing up, Chloe's cold voice rang out. "I don't think that's a good idea."

Everyone was immediately disappointed.

Becky furrowed her brows, looking down at Chloe, before scoffing after a while. "Are you afraid of losing to me?

Chloe just laughed, giving her a laid-back look. "First, as a contestant, number 166 has the right to showcase their work.

"Second, I'm not interested in your apology, and I don't like this wager.

"And finally, don't you find this kind of gamble boring?"


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