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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1317

After a moment of pondering, Chloe suddenly got up and strode towards the stage.

Becky, panting on the side, was taken aback by Chloe's sudden move. Before she could process what was happening, her view was blocked by a bodyguard rushing in front of her.

Chloe, escorted by the bodyguard, made her way to the edge of the runway. She patted the worried Miles, who was standing helplessly wondering if his bride was going to be stolen away.

"Ms. Summers..." Miles glanced at Chloe.

Chloe gave a small smile and pointed at the Scottish bagpipes in his hands.

"What?" Miles was confused.

Chloe let out a sigh. "Hand it over."

Though still puzzled, Miles gave Chloe the bagpipes. Chloe took it, shook her head at Miles' frequent glances towards Katie, and said something to the bodyguard.

Next thing you know, the bodyguard did a swift flip on stage and shoved Miles, who was dumbfounded. Miles stumbled forward a couple of steps, was shoved again, and this time was sent straight under the spotlight.

Everyone turned to look at him.

"Oh! Here comes the groom!"

"Unveil the bride, groom!"

"Your bride's been waiting for you!"

Dressed in a dapper suit, Miles matched perfectly with Katie's vintage gown. Hearing the commotion, Katie turned her head, and sure enough, there stood Miles.

The moment their eyes met, the room fell silent. What was supposed to be a heartfelt reunion was interrupted by the bodyguard, who pushed Miles once more.

After another stumble, Miles was suddenly pushed towards Katie. She instinctively caught him. Miles steadied himself, his gaze again meeting Katie's eyes peeking out from behind her red veil. He was stunned.

"Oh, they're together now!"

"Go ahead, groom, you can kiss the bride now!"


The crowd erupted.

Chloe watched their secretive glances and chuckled, adjusted the bagpipes, took a deep breath, and began to play.

The familiar tune of 'Fate and Destiny' filled the air, the cheerful melody pushing the atmosphere to a climax.

The joy of their reunion was palpable, filled with flirtation and shyness. Egged on by the crowd, Miles' ears turned red, and Katie bit her lip, her eyes shimmering with shyness, not knowing what to do next. She tried to let go of Miles' hand, only to have him instinctively hold on tighter.


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