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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1316

With a smirk on his face, Jacob was all but gloating.

"You signed up for this, Miles. Get ready to watch your career as a makeup artist go down in flames."

In a move that seemed specifically designed to screw Miles over, the huge catwalk was stripped of all lights, music, and even the beautiful, romantic backgrounds usually projected on the big screen. Now, it was just a barren desert, with the occasional sound of howling winds.

As soon as the screen changed, the whole venue burst into laughter.

Talk about a slap in the face.

Jacob had been given a melodious soundtrack and a picturesque backdrop of palaces and flowers. But when it came to Miles, all that was left was the shrill sound of wind and a deserted, lifeless, yellow desert.

Chloe’s lips were pressed together tightly, but a smile was still hanging at the corner of her mouth. The coldness in her eyes, however, couldn’t be concealed.

Looking at her half-hearted smile was enough to send chills down anyone’s spine.

Faced with this sudden predicament, she knew that Miles must’ve been at a loss. Just as she was about to stand up and handle the situation, a slender silhouette slowly emerged at the end of the catwalk. At the same time, the melancholic sound of a Scottish bagpipe filled the hall.

Chloe knew her music, and she recognized this tune. The sorrowful bagpipe melody, coupled with the gloomy backdrop on the screen, complemented each other in the most unlikely way, creating an inexplicable sense of tragic grandeur.

The figure at the end of the catwalk started moving towards the front. However, due to the backlighting, all that was visible was a silhouette.

"You can't see anything, just a shadow."

"What's the lighting guy doing? You can't even see the face!"

The audience was full of curiosity and couldn’t help but complain. Then, finally, the lighting guy seemed to get his act together and slowly moved the spotlight onto the silhouette.

As the silhouette became clear, the whole venue was filled with gasps.

Amidst the swirling desert sands, Katie, dressed in a bright red dress, her head adorned with simple pearl decorations, was walking through the barren yellow desert. The sight was starkly contrasting and painfully beautiful.

The single streak of vibrant red in the vast desert represented loneliness, perseverance, pride, life, hope, and love.

She was journeying a long distance for love, unafraid of hardship. For love, she was strong and unyielding, not fearing the cold, not fearing difficulties. For love, hope, and faith, she was slowly approaching.

Katie’s figure was graceful, her red dress eye-catching. Her firm belief in love was on full display. Her face was covered by a veil, adding an element of mystery. The face under the veil was only vaguely visible, yet so intriguing that people couldn't wait to see it, but they never could.

The venue was silent, everyone quietly watching the slender, graceful woman in red slowly approach the front of the catwalk. Only when she got closer, could they see her makeup.

Above the veil, a pair of bright, sparkling eyes stood out, radiating a sense of calm and indifference. When she looked at the crowd, there was no hint of emotion. The flamingo totem painted on her forehead gave off a cold yet noble vibe.

"Oh my god, she's...she's so beautiful..."

"That flamingo on her forehead looks so real! It seems like it could take off any second..."


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