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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1320

Wendy and everyone else who had ever crossed paths with Chloe had their reasons for failing. Chloe appeared to be simple on the surface, but inside, she was a whole different ball game.

"So, were you guys pulling my leg?" He asked, staring at the bagpipe in Chloe's hand. Looking back, he remembered Chloe holding the bagpipe right before Katie started to feel sick. Was it a signal?

Catching Jacob's gaze, Chloe raised an eyebrow and twirled the bagpipe. She put it to her lips and blew a loud note, as if answering Jacob's question.

"I thought you were self-confident, that you could win the championship on your own. But it turns out you're a fraud, resorting to dirty tricks. I've overestimated you."

Jacob clenched his teeth, his taut face betrayed his fear. "You're just guessing that the car accident and the mercury poisoning are connected to me. What gives you the right to accuse me?"

Chloe smirked, her eyes clear, but her smile was full of sarcasm and sharp edges. "Just like you diagnosed our model with mercury poisoning. Whether it's you or not...I really don't know. I'm just asking questions, Mr. Jacob."

Just like a police investigation. You needed to file a case first before you could investigate. All she needed to do was raise questions, the rest, someone else would do.

Hearing Chloe's words, Jacob's jaw tightened, his teeth grinding together.

"Isn't it obvious? Without any evidence, he claimed that the model's makeup water and lotion had excessive mercury. How could it not be related to him?"

"Yeah, he even claimed there was something wrong with the model's face, but it turns out the model had prepared another makeup box. It's clear that someone tampered with the original one!"

"Exactly, didn't they find excessive mercury in the other box?"

"But Beverly's makeup today was stunning. Despite Mr. Jacob's unique style and makeup skills, why would he do such a thing?"

Jacob stood on stage, his face darkening at the barrage of questions.

The Baines family sitting below cried out, "Chloe, don't just slander people to win the competition. Do you know how important reputation is to others? It's immoral to defame others, you know?"

"So accusing our model of mercury poisoning isn't defamation?" Chloe retorted calmly, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Laurel from below looked a bit embarrassed. “We're at a makeup competition, not a place for you to spout nonsense…"

"Alright, let's talk about the competition then. Host, announce how many points Miles' work got?"

The host looked a bit troubled, glanced at Jacob, and then said, "The public's overall score is...out of 50 points...so Miles' total score is 100!"

"100! No doubt he's the champion this year!"

"Wow, Miles won the championship on his first try! Amazing!"

"But the red bride's look is truly beautiful. She definitely deserves the championship."

The crowd erupted into applause, chanting "the most beautiful bride."

Hearing the results, Jacob's sneered. "So superficial! It's just gimmicks, and you're all worshipping it blindly? Are you sure you're not being led by the nose?" Jacob's angry words echoed through the venue, plunging it into silence.


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