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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1321

Watching Jacob get handcuffed by several people, Beverly finally snapped out of her daze and rushed forward, her face pale. "Did you guys get something twisted? You’re talking about poisoning and deliberately causing car accidents, but you have no proof..."

"Please do not interfere with our official duties! We would not randomly arrest people without solid evidence."

An official pushed Beverly aside and said sternly.

Beverly shook her head, looking at Jacob with hopeful eyes. "Jacob, is there some kind of misunderstanding? You need to explain this to them..."

However, before she could finish, someone stepped in front of her. "Miss Beverly, regarding the issue of Mr. Jacob buying the theme from the organizers, we might need your testimony. We hope you could come with us..."

Beverly's knees buckled, she staggered back a step, her face ghostly white. "I don't know. I don't know anything. What you're talking about?" She shook her head in denial, looking genuinely clueless.

The official pursed his lips, speaking coldly, "Miss Beverly, can you tell us when Mr. Jacob started designed your bridal style?"

"Since..." Beverly thought for a moment, then her voice trailed off, her face showing a look of disbelief as she turned to look at Jacob.

When did it start? Thinking about it, it was before they had announced their engagement...

If Jacob really did buy the competition questions in advance, then his sudden proposal to her and their public engagement announcement were for the sake of this competition?

Their wedding was approaching, and the competition theme was "Bridal." If he won the three-peat, followed by their wedding, the hype would definitely last a long time in their society, having a significant impact on his career...

Did Jacob actually plan their marriage into all of this?

Beverly's head was buzzing, and she suddenly felt cold. What kind of man had she chosen?

Poisoning Miles' makeup, causing a car accident to harm Miles' model, and even bribing the organizers to buy the theme. All these things were simply unacceptable.

Even more depressing was the fact that even with all his preparations and buying the theme in advance, Jacob still couldn't beat Miles.

Beverly swayed slightly, her gaze involuntarily finding Miles. When she saw his calm eyes, her heart seemed to be pierced a little.

The two of them standing together looked very compatible. If she had known that Miles could win the championship...

"Miss Beverly, please come with me..."

The official's request made Beverly bite her lip. If she hadn't chosen Jacob, she would probably be the most beautiful bride now, and none of this would've happened to Katie. But now, she had to face questioning for Jacob.


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