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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1322

Chloe was tightly guarded by her bodyguards, making it impossible for the reporters to approach her.

Just then, they spotted Becky and Wendy trying to slip away. They immediately swarmed them.

"Ms. Wendy, do you know about Jacob bribing the organizers to buy the competition theme?"

"And the intentional car crash that injured Mr. Miles’ model, and the mercury added to Mr. Miles' makeup, do you know all about this?"

Wendy just clamped her mouth shut, her face in agony. She didn't answer any of the questions. How could she be in the mood to answer these questions now? It was all Jacob's fault!

"Earlier, Infinity Media was promoting Jacob's three-peat this year, but now he's been defeated. Ms. Wendy, any thoughts?"

"What's your take on Jacob's performance in this competition?"

"Jacob has been taken away from the scene. There must be clear evidence. Do you really know nothing about his actions? Or are you actually the mastermind behind all this?"

The last question from the reporter made Wendy stop in her tracks. Frowning, she said coldly, "I had no idea about any of Jacob's actions. I was deceived too!"

Hearing this, the reporters burst into laughter.

"Ms. Wendy, aren't you being a bit too much? Mr. Jacob has brought you quite a bit of benefits in the past, right? How come we never heard you say you were deceived before?"

Wendy was left speechless by the reporters' questions. Becky, fuming, pushed Wendy and hissed, "You're so stupid, why are you saying so much? Let's get out of here!"

The reporters' attention was instantly drawn to Becky. "Hey, miss, didn't you just make a bet with Ms. Summers? Have you fulfilled your part yet?"

"Right, I heard it too. Whoever's makeup artist loses has to kneel, right?"

"So, have you apologized to Ms. Summers on your knees yet?"

Becky turned pale. "I..."

"Ms. Summers, Ms. Summers?! Did you forget about the knee-bending bet you just made?"

"Huh?" The reporter's high-pitched voice made Chloe, who was about to leave, pause.

Seeing her reaction, the reporter immediately asked, "Ms. Summers, weren't you dragged into a bet by this lady? Now that she's lost, according to the bet, shouldn't she kneel down and apologize to you?"

Chloe raised an eyebrow. She had indeed forgotten about that. She slowly stepped out from the circle of bodyguards and walked up to Becky, smirking at her for a moment.

"What are you looking at?!" Becky glared at Chloe.

"Princess Becky, shouldn't you be a bit more proactive?" Chloe smiled and lowered her gaze to the ground.

Becky looked confused, her eyes flicking left and right. "What do you mean by more proactive? Chloe, don't push it!"


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