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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1328


"Do you know your public image is already a dumpster fire?"

Wendy's voice was sharp and irritable, her roar clearly showing she was out of patience.

How could she have any patience left! The internet today was flooded with yesterday's competition. She and Chloe were being compared publicly again.

Without a doubt, she became the punching bag once again. She was harshly criticized by netizens. She had been turned into a laughingstock repeatedly in the past, and now again, all thanks to Jacob!

She was at her wit's end, and now she was supposed to clean up someone else's mess? They'd better steer clear of her!

However, things were going from bad to worse. Just then, the office door was knocked, and the secretary, looking rather grim, stood at the door, and said, "Ms. Wendy, we've just received several notifications of brands terminating contracts with our artists."

Wendy gritted her teeth. "Which ones?"

The secretary stepped forward, handing Wendy the files she had prepared.

When Wendy saw the files, her complexion changed drastically. "What is this? Is this your idea of 'a few'?"

She glared furiously at the secretary standing by, slamming the files onto the table. "Not only the recently discussed endorsements, most of the various shows and scripts are asking for termination, even the brands we have been collaborating with are requesting termination .How many endorsements do our artists have left in the company? You call this 'a few'?"

The secretary remained expressionless, showing complete indifference to Wendy's anger.

Wendy turned pale. Of the recently negotiated endorsements, only a few had actually started filming, and all of those were ones she had snatched away from Starlight International at rock-bottom prices!

Now, apart from those few in the shoot, almost all the endorsements were about to be terminated.

And then what? What could the company rely on to continue operating?

From another perspective, Infinity Media had almost become a no-go zone for major brands. Without endorsements, even without any work, what was the point of Infinity Media's existence? She couldn't possibly spend her own money to keep a bunch of no-goods.

Beverly picked up the files Wendy had thrown on the floor, took a quick look, and suddenly chuckled.

Wendy glared at her, "What are you laughing at?"

The smile on Beverly's face didn't fade. "Most of the artists in the company are facing a crisis of being terminated by the brands and production companies, so what's the point of Infinity Media's existence? Are we supposed to rely on those few artists who just started shooting to survive? Don't make me laugh, I think Infinity Media is in deep water! If you don't want to deal with my issue, fine, terminate or whatever you want, if you don't terminate, I have time to chill. It's not like I have any work,"

She finished speaking and gently put the files back on the table. Her face was filled with sarcasm and helplessness.


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