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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1329

Right now, Wendy's anger was through the roof. Yet, seeing a few people walking in from the door, her anger instantly piled up in her chest. She was unable to vent, but she had to force a smile and face them. "Well, if it isn't my favorite managers...what brings you here?"

Faced with Wendy's smiling face, the small group of people all had gloomy expressions. One of the managers cut straight to the chase. "Ms. Wendy, we're here to terminate our contract."

Wendy's smile froze on her face. "Terminate? If I remember correctly, my company's artist is in the middle of filming, and you've already seen the promo photos. If this is about yesterday's makeup contest. Your company is a renowned clothing brand. It doesn't seem to have any direct conflict with the contest."

The manager let out a sigh. "I know, we're not here because of yesterday's contest, but because the image of the spokesperson you recommended to us simply doesn't fit with our clothing style. Our target market is petite women with delicate figures, yet the model you recommended is tall and has a large body frame. Our clothes just don't look right on her..."

"Exactly, we sell kitchen and bathroom furniture, but the artist you recommended has never cooked a meal in her life, knows nothing about kitchen appliances, and nearly caused major problems during the shooting. It's well known that she doesn't do housework, so how can someone like that represent our brand? Who would accept that?"

"My company sells learning machines, but it has been discovered that the artist you recommended failed all her subjects in school except for PE..."

Their words left Wendy at a loss. For some reason, Beverly's words from just moments ago echoed in her head.

"But I think, the problem is definitely more than just these... More things will definitely happen, you just wait and see. She hasn't done anything all this time, and yet you... You've failed completely! Compared to her, Ms. Wendy, you're really no match for Chloe, there's a world of differences between you two."

So, was the appearance of these brand merchants the "more things" that Beverly was talking about?

Wendy fell silent for a few seconds, then suddenly burst into laughter. It must’ve been.

Chloe did nothing, while the endorsements that Wendy snatched at a low price, thanks to the heat from a contest, were facing termination before they even started. The ones that had started filming seemed destined to fail.

Seeing Wendy's state, the brand managers also looked quite awkward.

"It was my staff who didn't carefully consider this. The price seemed reasonable, and the spokespersons were mostly well-known stars! However, you indeed hid too much about the artists' real situation from us when signing the contract. This led to a serious mismatch in style discovered during the shooting. So, regarding the specific compensation details for contract termination, I think we need to discuss in detail."


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