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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1332

She went downstairs to open the door, and there stood Nate, who she had just seen earlier today.

Chloe's eyes were still a bit swollen, and the faint redness around them stood out on her face. The first sight of Chloe made Nate's heart skip a beat.

One thought played over and over in his head - She'd been crying, she'd been crying, she'd been crying.

Who on earth had made her so upset?! And he'd seen it. This was definitely something he needed to tell Mr. Harper about.

Then Mr. Harper would be pissed, and he'd be the one who'd get screwed!

So, she'd been crying, and he was the one who would bear the consequences. Nate sent a silent prayer to the heavens but put on a smile and said, "Mrs. Harper, good day."

Chloe nodded. "Nate, what's up?"

Nate immediately stepped aside to let someone in from outside. "He's the chef Mr. Harper asked me to bring from the restaurant. He'll be preparing your lunch today."

"Ms. Summers……Mrs. Harper, hi there." The chef was a plump man who didn't seem too old. On seeing Chloe, he nervously greeted her.

He still wasn't quite used to addressing her. He hadn't quite caught on to Nate's way of addressing her. He knew about Ms. Summers from Starlight International and had heard about her engagement ceremony with Damon.

But hadn't they just had their engagement party? How did Ms. Summers become "Mrs. Harper”?

Then he thought about it and realized she was about to become Mrs. Harper, so even though they were just engaged, it wasn't inappropriate to address her as Mrs. Harper.

"…Hi." It took Chloe a while to respond. Nate noticed something was off about her tone and immediately felt a twitch in his eyelid.

She had cried! Mrs. Harper had actually cried.

His gaze immediately turned to the chef beside him. What the hell had this chubby chef done to make Mrs. Harper cry?!

The chubby chef shuddered in fear, and his face was a mix of innocence and panic. Had he done something wrong?

Damon's thoughtful arrangement had touched her deeply, but she quickly realized her lapse and turned around to sniffle quietly.

At that moment, her phone in her pocket vibrated. She took it out and saw that it was a message from Seth.

[Just finished my meeting, what's up?]

Chloe rubbed her nose and texted back - [Does your company need any new talents?]

Seth - [Nope.]

Chloe bit her lip lightly - [You sure about that? One can never have too many soldiers, right?]

Seth - [I don't need talents from Infinity Media.]

Chloe frowned - [How'd you know?]

Seth - [What do you think I do for a living?]

Chloe - [You run an entertainment company.]

Then she immediately texted back - [But what does that have to do with you knowing what I'm planning?]

Seth - [Do you think you're the only one with a brain?]

Chloe was getting annoyed. Was she being provoked continuously today? Such a disrespectful attitude, had he and Cicely come to an agreement to treat her rudely?

Chloe - [My company can't accommodate everyone, I'll let you take some.]

Seth - [I don't want them.]

Chloe clenched her phone - [Refuse my goodwill, then get ready for my punishment.]

Seth - [I'm waiting.]


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