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The Enticing CEO's Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1331

[Whether a man is reliable or not, it depends. Damon, for example, is pretty reliable!]

Cicely, tucked away in a corner of the studio, saw this message. Her calm eyes twitched suddenly. She held her phone, her slender fingers typing rapidly.

[Buzz off!]

Working hard on this end and suddenly having Chloe show off about her man fired her up. She was so annoyed with Chloe she could strangle her.

Upon seeing Cicely's reply, Chloe's eyes widened in disbelief. Cicely was actually that rude. What was worse is that she was told her to "buzz off."

She could somewhat understand how she felt when she called Damon a "gangster." It was a bit much for her to take.

With a sigh, Chloe got up from the bed and went into the bathroom. After freshening up, she went to her study to sort out recent and temporary work arrangements. Turning on her computer, she casually flipped through the files on the desk and found a black notebook on the side.

The black leather cover looked expensive just by looking at it. Undoubtedly, the notebook wasn’t hers. It had to be Damon's.

She picked up the notebook. As she felt the texture in her hand, she thought, that her man really was different. Even his notebook was top-notch. It didn't hurt her hand at all.

What a strange compliment. She laughed as she opened the notebook. She was both curious and nervous. She didn't think Damon was the diary-writing type, but she hoped to delve deeper into his secrets.

In her heart, she could guess that most of the content in this notebook was probably about the company. She was curious about the company.

Now that Presley was pressuring him with stock rights. She didn't know what his plan was. He hadn't mentioned anything about the company to her recently. She knew he didn't want her to worry, but how could she not care at all?

If she could understand some of his plans through this notebook she could help in some way, and that would be great.

Although reading someone else’s notebook without permission was indeed a bit unethical, she still opened the notebook without hesitation.

The writing was strong and smooth. Looking at the writing, Chloe immediately imagined Damon sitting here, his well-defined hand holding a pen, writing freely in the notebook, and the pen flowing smoothly. She had seen him working, and imagining it made her heart flutter.

However, when she saw the specific content, her expression paused slightly, she brought the notebook closer to herself and started flipping through it page by page.

Her expression subtly changed, and in the end, she bit her lip lightly, her eyes slightly red.

October 1st, 201X, Chloe was pregnant, already nine weeks, with twins.

She loves to sleep, loves to eat (important), and has a preference for sour and spicy food.

Nutritionist's advice.

Week 9, should eat more fish. The food at this time is related to the development of the fetus' mammary glands and eyes. (Attached are various sour and spicy fish recipes.)


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