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The Man in Power After Being Married into Her Family novel Chapter 694

Therefore, among all the people present here today, not one of them had even been up to the fifth floor of Glorious Club. 3

Even Chester himself could only afford the lowest Classic membership tier at Glorious Club. 2

Therefore, everyone naturally did not believe it when Jacob said that he had been to the tenth floor of

Glorious Club before. 3

Jacob really did not expect everyone to think that he was only bragging when he was simply telling them the truth. Therefore, he replied uncomfortably, "My son -in-law was the one who arranged for me and some of my old classmates to go up to the tenth floor of Glorious Club that night."

Chester laughed before he said, "I know who your son-i n-law is. He is just a useless and casual son-in-law in Aurous Hill, isn't it? I heard that he's just a vagrant who is living off his wife. He's almost as pathetic as you, so can he really afford to bring you to Glorious Club?" 5

Jacob snorted coldly before he said, "It is entirely up t 0 you whether you believe me or not." 1

Chester smiled before he said, "If you really had this kind of ability, then why didn't you invite the president and the other directors to Glorious Club for

entertainment tonight instead? Why did you choose to buy them dinner at the cheapest Bronze Room at The Heaven Springs?"

After he spoke, Chester acted as though he came to a sudden realization as he said, "Oh! I understand now! You don't think that the president and the other directors are worthy enough! You think that people of their status are only worthy enough to be seated in the Bronze Room! Do you not think that they deserve to go to Glorious Club at all?"

Jacob was completely at a loss for words and he could not refute Chester’s words. 7

Chester was really a very horrible person and he was very quick-witted indeed. He could make up all sorts o f excuses and reasons that would leave a person with no room left to breathe at all.

Therefore, even though Jacob was very angry and annoyed at Chester, he really could not find any words to refute Chester's words at this moment.

He could only reply angrily, "I don't mean that..."


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