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The Man in Power After Being Married into Her Family novel Chapter 695

The expression on Jacob’s face was obviously very ugly after getting ridiculed by Chester. 2

However, Jacob kept Morgan's reminder in mind and h e reminded himself that the most important thing was to win the position of the executive director at the end of the day. Therefore, he should not lose his temper and get angry at Chester. 2

Jacob held back his anger and he did not say anything anymore. Instead, he simply followed the crowd of people as they followed Chester all the way t 0 the Gold Room that he had already booked upstairs. 1

As soon as they stepped into the Gold Room, everyone was very surprised as they admired the luxurious decorations in the Gold Room.

At this time, one of the directors could not help but exclaim out loud, "It’s all thanks to Chester that we can get this opportunity to take a look at the Gold Room inside The Heaven Springs today!" 9

Someone echoed, "Yes! Not too long ago, a friend of mine who had tens of millions of dollars wanted to book the Gold Room. However, even though he tried all sorts of ways and methods, he could not get a reservation at all. Therefore, he only ended up getting the Silver Room." 1

As soon as everyone heard this, they became even

more curious. Some of them quickly asked, "Chester, how did you manage to book the Gold Room? Did you get someone to help you out?" 1

Chester replied arrogantly, "Why would I need to ask for anyone's help if I want to book a Gold Room? To put it bluntly, if I want to book a room here, I can always get the room I want whenever I want to!" 2

After he was done speaking, Chester continued explaining, "To tell you the truth, I'm a regular customer of The Heaven Springs. I come here for dinner very often. Besides that, I’m also a close friend 0 f Don Albert. Therefore, as long as I want to book any rooms below the Diamond level, all the rooms at The Heaven Springs will always be open for me at any time!" 1

Everyone sitting in the room were all amazed when they heard Chester’s words! s

Mr. Bay replied with an incredulous expression on his face, "Chester, you're really amazing! You're actually close friends with Don Albert, the underground mobster boss in Aurous Hill?" 2


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