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The Princess and the Pauper (Arabella and Romeo) novel Chapter 1308

The Princess and the Paupers novel Chapter 1308 : Echoes of the Past

As the story progresses at Chapter 1308, the characters delve into their pasts. Secrets and hidden histories are unveiled, shedding light on the motivations and conflicts that shape their present lives. Will the details of Chapter 1308 in The Princess and the Pauper novel Arabella solve the problems and troubles in love? Let's read The Princess and the Pauper novel Arabella Chapter 1308 at Novelfreepdf.com

Arabella followed the housekeeper into the living room, where she caught sight of a stunning figure standing before the floor-to-ceiling windows.

She was dressed in a chic silk robe, exuding elegance and sensuality, with her short, wavy chestnut hair giving off a vibe of sophistication.

"Ma'am, Ms. Bella has arrived."

Eunice Griffith turned around, her striking features bold and vivacious. With her arms crossed over her chest, she radiated a powerful presence, yet carried it with undeniable flair.

Contrary to the delicate and gentle image Arabella had envisioned, her aunt's beauty was aggressive and provocative, like a thorny, mesmerizing rose, vibrant and dazzling.

"So, you're Arabella?" Eunice lifted the corners of her lips, her aura and poise perfectly balanced. She smiled warmly at Arabella, "Come here, let me have a look at you."

Arabella stepped forward and greeted her aunt.

Eunice scrutinized her from head to toe, her alluring eyes filled with approval, "You do bear some resemblance to Louisa, but you have a stronger presence, and you certainly catch the eye."

"Thank you for the compliment, Eunice."

Eunice's red lips curled into a smile, "I've heard from your uncle that, despite your young age, you're not only a medical prodigy and a top scholar but also skilled in self-defense, and you even have a retinue of loyal followers."

Suddenly, Gordon burst into the room, and the housekeeper, unable to stop him, apologized with a bowed head, "I'm so sorry, ma'am, I couldn't stop him."

"It's fine." Eunice's captivating eyes held a hint of nonchalance as she turned to Gordon, "What's the matter?"


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