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The Princess and the Pauper (Arabella and Romeo) novel Chapter 1325

The Princess and the Paupers novel Chapter 1325 : Echoes of the Past

As the story progresses at Chapter 1325, the characters delve into their pasts. Secrets and hidden histories are unveiled, shedding light on the motivations and conflicts that shape their present lives. Will the details of Chapter 1325 in The Princess and the Pauper novel Arabella solve the problems and troubles in love? Let's read The Princess and the Pauper novel Arabella Chapter 1325 at Novelfreepdf.com

Arabella never wore high heels, so whose footsteps could those be?

Serena's heart plummeted, anxiety gripping her tightly, a sense of impending doom washing over her.

"Ma'am," the lead man, Leno, called out, bowing his head, "we've got her."


What ma'am?

Serena had no clue who this "ma'am" was!

She had pleaded for what felt like an eternity, but they hadn't stopped.

Eunice cast a cold glance at the burlap sack, reached out her hand, and without a word.

Leno, understanding the silent command, placed the stick in her hand.

With a swift strike, the person in the sack wailed, wriggling and struggling on the ground like a startled, injured insect.

Eunice's beauty remained undiminished as she doled out punishment, her cool gaze making her look like a fierce and fiery lady boss.

After seven or eight ruthless strikes, the person in the sack was no longer struggling as violently, her cries diminished, her body twitching sporadically.

Then, another luxury car pulled up at the end of the alley, a bodyguard opening the door for Bard.

From a distance, Bard saw his wife wielding a stick, beating the person in the sack.

None of the subordinates dared to utter a word, silently standing by.

Amidst the swirling snow, his wife, clad in a striking red coat, stood out with an aura of power and defiance.

He walked towards her, taking an umbrella from the bodyguard, and held it over his wife himself.

"Who's got you so riled up?"

Had he not been on his way to Hill Street to pick up Serena, passing by here and recognizing the familiar license plate, he wouldn't have known his darling wife was out here dispensing her own brand of justice.


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