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The Princess and the Pauper (Arabella and Romeo) novel Chapter 1351

The Princess and the Paupers novel Chapter 1351 : Echoes of the Past

As the story progresses at Chapter 1351, the characters delve into their pasts. Secrets and hidden histories are unveiled, shedding light on the motivations and conflicts that shape their present lives. Will the details of Chapter 1351 in The Princess and the Pauper novel Arabella solve the problems and troubles in love? Let's read The Princess and the Pauper novel Arabella Chapter 1351 at Novelfreepdf.com

The Collins clan was not to be trifled with, and everyone from top to bottom knew it.

Even though Eunice was well aware of this fact, and understood that bringing Arabella to the Collins’ doorstep was akin to waving a golden ticket for protection, the temptation of the fortune laid out before them was too great to ignore. Especially since Bard was gone, and such a huge "pie" was up for grabs, no one could keep their hands to themselves.

"If she dies, it's on you, not us! You're the one who brought her here," Teresa snapped, snatching the contract and pen from Mr. Clarence's grasp and hurling them at Eunice. "Sign it now!"

Sign first, deal with the consequences later.

Arabella couldn't be left to walk free. If she lived to see another day, she would surely spill the beans to Louisa. And if Louisa sought vengeance for her brother Bard, she would become their most formidable roadblock.

As for Eunice, not only did she need to die, but her death had to be particularly brutal to quell both her and Bess' resentment.

"Don't get too cocky," Arabella finally spoke up, her eyes glinting with an icy displeasure.

"This pretty little thing. with sixty bodyguards here, it would be a real shame if something happened to her."

"You lay a finger on her, just try it!" Eunice threatened fiercely.

"Oh, what? Do you think you're still Mrs. Griffith?” Teresa taunted. “With Bard gone, you're nothing but an ant beneath our feet. Besides, Alexander's already had his way with you. In a bit, I'll let these bodyguards give you a proper welcome too! That's what you get for flaunting yourself around all the time, pretending to be something you're not."

Eunice grabbed her by the collar, ready to give her a good thrashing.

"Hold on, Aunt Eunice," Arabella urged calmly, "there's no point in fighting a losing battle."


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