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The Princess and the Pauper (Arabella and Romeo) novel Chapter 1354

The Princess and the Paupers novel Chapter 1354 : Echoes of the Past

As the story progresses at Chapter 1354, the characters delve into their pasts. Secrets and hidden histories are unveiled, shedding light on the motivations and conflicts that shape their present lives. Will the details of Chapter 1354 in The Princess and the Pauper novel Arabella solve the problems and troubles in love? Let's read The Princess and the Pauper novel Arabella Chapter 1354 at Novelfreepdf.com

Panic rippled through the grand mansion as a breathless servant burst into the dimly lit drawing room, "Everyone outside has passed out and they won't wake up no matter how much we shout!"

"What do you mean, every single bodyguard is out cold?" Calvin's voice was laced with disbelief.


Calvin stood frozen, his mind racing, until a thought struck him, "Arlen, don't you have guys posted in the security room watching the monitors? How could something like this happen?"

"Mr. Clarence, get to the security room now! See if the guy in there fell asleep on the job!" Arlen barked, his temper flaring. "If he did, I want him gone!"

Incompetent fools! They've messed up everything!

Mr. Clarence hurried off, returning a while later, trembling, "Jacob's awake, but the cameras are not working."

Fury washed over Arlen. "The cameras are down and Jacob's blind? He didn't notice until now?"

"It's not Jacob's fault. The cameras at the back door and the east side of the villa stopped working. They seemed to be recording, ticking away second by second, until I asked Jacob to pull up the footage of Bard's appearance. That's when we found out, nothing was recording at all, the mouse clicks did nothing."

Arlen, for the first time, was hearing of such a mess. A name suddenly flashed in his mind.

"It has to be that girl!" Arlen seethed with rage, "When did she get into the security room? Did Jacob step out? Or was he knocked out and didn't know?"


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