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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1233

The next day, Ivy was up and about at the crack of dawn, beaming with joy. She quickly changed into the outfit she prepped the night before and darted downstairs.

"Did you wake up on your own?" Rosalynn was preparing breakfast for Ivy. "It's not just mommy sending you off today."

Rosalynn signaled to Wayne.

Ivy scampered over and jumped into Wayne's arms and stuffed something into his pocket.

"What's this?" Wayne was puzzled.

"Guess!" Ivy chuckled, wriggling out of his arms, "Uncle Calvin, I need to comb my hair!"

She called out to Uncle Calvin and then bolted off.

"What did she give you? How come I didn't get anything?" Rosalynn approached Wayne.

The dad, who always played second fiddle to mom, was somehow feeling a sense of pride.

He pulled out the item from his pocket and the couple exchanged glances.

"Is this an invitation to the art exhibition?" Rosalynn inquired.

Unlike the other invites sent out, this one seemed specially made with Ivy's hand-drawn artwork on the cover.

"Yes." Wayne recalled some memories. "One time, when Hilaria took her home. She promised to invite me to her exhibition."

As Wayne spoke, his eyes started to glisten.


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