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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1234

All the artwork was hung up last night, including Birch Forest, Madonna, and a family portrait that Ivy gave to Wayne.

Especially that family portrait, it was placed in the most prominent position.

At nine o'clock, the art exhibition officially kicked off. Visitors started to trickle in. Most were parents with their children, some older folks, and a few emerging domestic artists.

The designer who did the soft furnishings for Ivy and Cory last time also brought his whole family. His wife was thrilled to see Ivy. She said, "Honey, I really love the painting you gave me!"

Ivy responded with delight, "I'm honored you like it!"

Rosalynn and Wayne didn't interfere with Ivy's interactions with the visitors; they just observed quietly from a corner.

Everyone who had contact with Ivy was screened by bodyguards to ensure Ivy's safety. Security measures around Ivy have been beefed up a lot since the Olivia incident.

At the end of the exhibition, a few artists shared their exhibition diaries on their social media platforms, and one of them updated a video of the exhibition on a short video platform.

When the commenters found out that this distinctive artist was only five or six years old, they were stunned.

They were like, "What's up with all these child prodigies lately? Just a few days ago there was a five or six-year-old IT whiz, and now there's a painting prodigy?"

"Check this out, last year Ivie was already a famous child artist. This is Butterfly. I took this photo at an exhibition in Paris. It's really outstanding!"

"I know this painting Madonna. It was auctioned for charity in the country earlier this year, and Wayne snapped it up for millions!"


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