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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1235

Ivy's art show was fully open to the public. Before long, people were spotting Ivy in various photos and screenshots online.

This wasn't the first time Ivy has been caught on camera. People quickly made comparison photos, especially comparing her to Cory.

"They don't just look alike. They are practically clones!"

"I honestly can't believe this is real!"

"I just looked up some info about Ivie online, there's a lot of negative stuff. A lot of pro painters question whether she actually did the paintings herself, or if someone else painted them for her, and her parents are just hyping her up as a prodigy!"

The first to react to these comments was Paige. She directly posted a video on Twitter of Ivy painting, taken by Cory.

"I get it, it's surprising to see a kid this talented. But spreading rumors ain't cool." She posted this message after uploading the video.

The video also confirmed that Wayne and Rosalynn's daughter were also prodigies, which made some netizens feel ashamed.

Before coming back to her home country, Rosalynn never thought that she and Wayne would become internet sensations, which greatly increased the attention towards Cory and Ivy.

There are many prodigies in the world, but few like Cory and Ivy, who are constantly in the public eye.

Rosalynn felt a bit uneasy with all this attention.


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