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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1237

Felix was getting antsy. He had knocked off quite a few bigwigs before, so you could say he knew the ropes.

At first, he planned to just find a sweet spot, set up his sniper rifle, and blow his target away. But, he found his plan was a total wash.

First off, the target's home was tighter than a drum. There wasn't even a decent spot nearby.

There were some suitable places near the school, but the target always seemed to dodge these areas. Plus, the bodyguards were pros. They knew exactly where a sniper would set up. They checked the area twice a day, every day. If they spotted anything fishy, they'd report it in a heartbeat. Felix was facing the biggest challenge of his career.

Still, he knew he had to get the job done. Otherwise, the kid he saved would be toast.

It was a nasty business, but when it came down to it, better someone else's kid than his own.

Felix was racking his brains, thinking back to every successful gig he'd pulled off before. As he passed by the main switch room, he stopped dead in his tracks. A plan immediately popped into his head.

He pretended to be deeply absorbed in some artwork nearby. Soon enough, a family strolled by.

Seeing this, Felix knew his chance had come. As the crowd moved closer, he used them as a smokescreen, quickly slipping into the switch room.

He knew the second he went off the radar, they'd be on his tail. He had to act fast. So, he immediately went for the main switch. No matter how good the bodyguards were, they were bound to slip up.

And that's all he needed to finish the job.

But just as Felix was about to flick the switch, his wrist was grabbed with a vice-like grip. In a flash, a fierce fight broke out. Felix was a killing machine since he was a kid, and he didn't fear close combat.

He landed a punch on the guy's forehead, who cursed under his breath and shoved something against Felix's lower back. The sound of electricity buzzed, and before Felix knew what hit him, he blacked out.

After taking Felix down, Ableson flicked the lights on. His cheek was swollen like a balloon, the pain making him stamp his foot silently.

Damn, that guy didn't pull his punches!

The more Ableson thought about it, the madder he got. He picked up the stun gun, and gave the guy another jolt. Then he called his guys to secure the unconscious man, gag him and stash him in the switch room for now.

Holding his swollen cheek, he went off to find Rosalynn.


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