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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1238

The moment he stepped out, he saw Mike hustling over with two people.

"What happened to your face?" Mike asked Ableson, surprised. Did he run into that suspicious guy?

"Gabriella Jared asked me to nab someone, but I got sucker-punched when I wasn't looking!" Ableson's stubborn nature made him reluctant to admit that the guy got the better of him and landed a punch.

Mike looked serious, "The guy hit you hard, man. You should go to the hospital. You might have a broken nose!"

If Mike said it's possibly broken, then it's most likely broken.

"I'll go after I report back, where are you guys headed?" Ableson asked.

"Calvin asked me to tail a suspicious guy, but I lost him."

But Mike was sure the guy hadn't left the venue. He had meticulously checked the surveillance, the guy should be around here somewhere, but he couldn't figure out where. Maybe the guy was in disguise.

"Suspicious guy?" Ableson pondered, "Follow me, let me show you something."

With that, Ableson led Mike to the main switch room. As soon as the door opened, Mike saw a man tied up like a mummy.

"That’s him!" Mike was shocked, "He’s the one who attacked you? The one Gabriella wanted you to catch?"

"Yeah!" Ableson nodded. His face was numb with pain, and thinking about possibly having a fracture, he gave Felix a swift kick.

After a while, Ableson found Rosalynn.

"What happened to your face?" Rosalynn was taken aback.


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