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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1239

When Felix woke up, he found himself totally immobilized. He looked around and realized he was no longer in that dark switch room, but in a grimy place that looked like an abandoned factory.

"Wakey wakey?" A man squatted beside him, rudely grabbing his hair and forcing him to lift his head.

The guy was so strong that Felix felt as if his scalp was about to be ripped off.

He saw the man's head half-wrapped in bandages and couldn't help but laugh.

"You can't beat me; you can only use a stun gun. You're a real chicken!" Felix mocked.

Ableson, the man holding Felix's hair, tightened his grip. He had no regard for Felix, even though he had to maintain some dignity in front of his friends.

"Open your eyes, it's the 21st century, even fighting has gone high-tech. Besides..." Ableson suddenly let go, Felix's head slammed into the ground, "Especially when dealing with people like you who threaten my boss."

Felix glared at Ableson, the intent to kill obvious.

"Ableson, take five." The door was pushed open. Rosalynn, who had just finished dinner with her kids, elegantly walked in.

Seeing her, Ableson frowned.

Rosalynn walked in her high heels and sat across him.

"Spill it, how did you find this place?" She crossed her long legs, her eyes falling on Felix.

Ableson was a big shot in this business, and he had been lying in wait for Felix's arrival. He even made the first move, but Felix still wounded him within a few moves.

"In our line of work, the biggest no-no is revealing your identity and betraying your employer." Felix replied with a smile.

Rosalynn laughed, "You're very professional. Seems like you're not afraid of dying."

Felix didn’t respond.

"Ableson, dump him into the sea tonight.” Rosalynn said as she got up.


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