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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1246

After this video was posted, the previous statements made by the internet celebrity were thoroughly debunked.

However, on the designer's page, some neutral netizens commented, "Straight talk, is the security check for the art show really that necessary? We pay to see the exhibition and end up being treated like criminals, it doesn't feel right."

The designer replied, "First of all, before you bought the tickets, they had already informed you about the security checks through a pop-up window on the screen. If you feel offended, you could choose not to go. Secondly, have you checked how many death threats have been posted online about Ivie since her identities was exposed? As a parent, I think their caution is justified."

"Oh my goodness, death threats? Are these netizens out of their minds? How old is the child?"

"To be completely honest, some people's behaviors are indeed over the top. I took this screenshot on the little genius painter's plaza the other night." The picture attached was a death threat to Ivy.

In response to the designer's comment, most people were supportive of the Wayne couple. However, some disagreed.

"If they want to promote their genius child, they need to take responsibility. If they don't want their daughter to attract attention, they should keep a low profile."

Someone responded to the comment, "You're behaving poorly, yet you blame others for being too excellent? She was born top-tier and highly talented, how do you expect her to keep a low profile?"

Someone else was shocked, "You're sympathizing with lunatics who threaten to kill a five-six-year-old? I've already taken a screenshot of your comment and sent it to your friends, you're terrifying!"

The person replied, "I was just saying, and you actually took a screenshot and sent it to my friends? Are you out of your mind?"

Then, that person deleted the comment.

Although the art show sparked a huge controversy online around security issues, the atmosphere at the venue remained positive.


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