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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1247

He didn't expect that Ivy would be thrust into the public eye because of the exhibition.

Up until yesterday, Wayne was just a bit troubled. But seeing so many people praise Ivy and Cory, he was happy inside.

Until Felix was caught, a sense of crisis hit him like a flood. His current thought is that he hopes to hide Cory and Ivy from the world.

If Ivy had to stand in front of the public for him tomorrow, Wayne would rather die than see that.

Half an hour later, his car arrived at the exhibition.

Since Sean still had to return to the company to deal with follow-up work, Wayne let the driver take him back to Bane Corporation.

As soon as the car drove away, Sean's phone began to vibrate. He answered the phone: "What happened?"

The other side whispered: "I just got the news, Ms. Rosso has passed away."

"Who?" Sean felt familiar.

"The foreign lady who was engaged to President Silverman that year, the woman chased away by our Secretary Tesdal!" The other person answered.

In Sean's mind, that delicate face immediately surfaced.

"She passed away? When did this happen?"

Regarding Ms. Rosso, Sean only knew that after she failed to frame Secretary Tesdal several times, she was directly broken off by President Silverman. Later he heard that she was abandoned by her family.

After rejecting two business marriages in a row, Heatherway Rosso was completely abandoned by her family.

After that, Sean never heard any news about her.


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