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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1249

Rosalynn picked up the phone.

"Are you home? I'm coming over."

"I'm in the living room, don't rush." Rosalynn replied.

Paige gave a hum of confirmation and headed straight for the living room.

Upon arriving, both Wayne and Rosalynn were there. Rosalynn seemed frosty.

"Did you guys already know?" Paige asked, her brows furrowed.

"Yep." Rosalynn nodded, "I'm puzzled though, why would he hire a hitman and leave me out?"

"Quit your nonsense!" Paige swiftly tapped her arm three times, "It's a good thing you are not involved, you shouldn't be wondering!"

"Do you guys know who hired the hitman?" Baillie asked.

"Simon." Wayne said with a helpless look, "The hitman said Simon went crazy, I didn't expect him to really lose it."

The boldness of hiring a hitman was unbelievable.

"One life is worth fifty million, and there are three of them on the list. This huge reward will definitely attract a lot of people." Rosalynn leaned on the sofa, "He's playing a deadly game with us."

"How much assets does he have? Did he use all his assets to hire the hitman?" Paige was shocked.

It's well known that although Simon has the title of a prince and a duke, compared to his siblings, he's the weakest.

His ability to make money is poor, not smart enough, and has an annoying personality.


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