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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1248

"Thank you all for swinging by my art show, ladies and gentlemen. I won't let you guys down, promise. I'll try my best to create even better stuff in the future." Ivy said, taking a bow before wrapping up her speech.

Just as Ivy hopped off the stage, Wayne approached her, bouquet in hand. He held the flowers with one hand and scooped Ivy up with the other, planting a kiss on her cheek. "Baby girl, you did great, just as brilliant as your mom."

"Really?" Ivy responded modestly, "I think mom's still the boss!"

Wayne chuckled and carried Ivy towards Rosalynn. Rosalynn watched the father-daughter duo with a smile.

"Mom, Dad's back!" Rosalynn took the flowers from Wayne.

Wayne leaned in for a kiss on her cheek. "You've worked hard, honey."

"Your wife, hard work? The real trooper here is our Cory!" Paige chimed in after hanging up a call, sticking up for Cory, "Never seen a mom who makes her son worry about her eating and drinking."

"Are you jealous?" Rosalynn teased, patting Cory's head, "Why don't you and Mr. Scott have one?"

Paige blushed instantly, "Have you no shame, talking about this in front of the kids!"

Little did they expect...

"Ivy wants a little sister. When are you having one?" Ivy joined in on the teasing.

"You little rascal, teaming up with your mom to tease me, huh?" She tried to grab Ivy into a hug.

Wayne stepped aside just in time, leaving Paige lunging at thin air. Ivy burst into laughter.

Cory was busy gaming, but a smile crept onto his face.

"Alright, time to head home and celebrate." Rosalynn wrapped an arm around Paige, giving her a comforting rub on the waist.


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