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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1252

The bounty on the dark web has been pulled.

Finally, an apology was expressed to Mr. Silverman and his two kids. It was also stated that they were willing to bestow the titles of prince and princess on the two children as a form of apology.

Meanwhile, the royal family was actively reaching out to Wayne and Rosalynn.

But, to everyone's surprise, while the royals were trying to make amends, it was reported on the internet that the bounty Rosalynn had posted on the dark web had been claimed, and no more applications were being accepted.

The news shook the royal family. "Isn't Simon in his cell?" The queen asked sternly, "Has he escaped again?"

Simon's brother had a grim look on his face. "I've sent people to check it out. Our castle is secure. I think there must be some glitch on the dark web."

Almost at the same time, an old servant opened the door to Simon's cell, where the light was dim.

The first thing the old servant saw was Simon's back. He was relieved and was about to close the door and report back to the crown prince.

But as he was about to shut the door, something seemed off. He quickly pushed the door back open and switched on the light. The sight that met his eyes made him collapse to the floor.

There was Simon's body on the bed, but the head was missing. The ventilation window at the top of the secret room was wide open, with dried bloodstains on the edges.

Almost simultaneously, outside the majestic palace. A kid, who looked about ten, was standing still in a black raincoat, yellow rain boots, and a black backpack on her shoulder, as the rain drizzled down.


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