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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1253

Even though Rosalynn knew Simon was a good-for-nothing, she was still shocked that the mission was completed so quickly.

Soon, a video of Simon's decapitated head was posted on the dark web. The sender asked, "The person who took this job would like to speak with you."

"Why?" Rosalynn asked.

"She says her father is with you."

Rosalynn was taken aback. She didn't think it was possible. But after a moment, she decided to accept the request for a call.

A video call came in soon after. Rosalynn answered. The screen shook a bit, then a child wearing a yellow rain hat appeared on the screen.

The child had a small face with beautiful eyes, a pointed nose, and a mouth that was redder but smaller than most. The blood on her right cheek was particularly noticeable.

"Did you dial the wrong number?" Rosalynn was confused.

She looked no older than ten.

"I don't need your money, just release my dad." The child on the screen threatened, "If my dad is already dead, I'll make sure you all die too."

"Your dad?" Rosalynn frowned, then seemed to recall something, "Are you talking about that tall, skinny man who always claims to be a top assassin?"

"Yes." The girl nodded, then said, "Let him go."

Rosalynn chuckled, "So you're the kid that Simon kidnapped to threaten him?"

"Yes, my name is Molly." The girl nodded.

"Got it, he's doing fine with me. Give me your address, and I'll send him to you." Rosalynn replied.


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