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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1256

"So, where are we headed next?" Molly asked.

Felix chuckled, patting Molly's head, "We can't go back to where we were, kiddo. How about dad takes you around the H Country, and if you like it, we'll settle down here?"

"Sounds good, you're from H Country after all," Molly replied.

"And you're half H Country too. Your mom was from here, remember?" Felix said gently.

Molly didn't respond, "Why did you kill that woman's child? Why didn't she break your limbs or straight up kill you?"

Felix thought, Molly was just getting more difficult as she grew older. Wasn't it enough that he was healthy?

He pondered, "Maybe she was a good person."

"You once said that rich people are never good people."

"Stubborn kid!" Felix lightly tapped her head, then suddenly remembered all the hardship she had gone through when she was kidnapped by Simon.

Thinking about this, he pinched Molly's arm and cheek, "Why have you put on weight?"

She was so skinny when she was with him, no matter how much she ate, she wouldn't gain weight.

How did she gain weight so quickly after being kidnapped? Was the royal food that nutritious?

As he was talking, the guys who were holding up signs earlier approached them.

"Isn't this the little girl from earlier?" Mike said, arms crossed, "You ran like a scared rabbit, were you afraid of being kidnapped?"

Molly looked at him, not finding his joke funny.

"Gabriella is waiting. Let's go," Mike touched his nose.

"Hold on." Felix looked at Molly, "Mrs. Silverman, who brought you back, wants to see you, are you okay with that?"


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