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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1255

Before she even saw Felix's video, Molly had already envisioned his father in a terrible state.

He might have lost an arm or a leg. His father had once told her that this was the fate of a caught killer. But when she got her disguise, got her new identity, rushed to the airport, and made a video call...

"I won! Pay up!"

A figure, who looked strikingly like her father, was loudly banging on the table, his arms and legs intact.

The man across from him was bandaged across his face, looking like he had a broken face bone. He angrily threw some bills on the table.

Molly froze, then she hung up the video call. She thought with AI so advanced now, it must be that rich beautiful woman's way of messing with her head.

After a flight of over ten hours, Molly finally arrived at the H City airport in H Country. At the exit, someone was holding a sign with her new identity. She figured it must be someone sent by the rich, beautiful woman to pick her up.

She didn't stop but walked straight past them. She had only gone a few steps when she felt someone following her.

Molly frowned and quickened her pace, but the person behind her noticed and started running.

She looked around. H Country had good law and order, so she couldn't possibly get away with killing someone at the airport.

She had to resort to this...

"Help, sir! Someone's been following me!" she looked pitiful.

She grabbed a man who looked very upright, and said with tears in her eyes and a face of terror.

Others around heard her cry for help.

Her father had once told her that the people of H Country despised human traffickers. Upon hearing this, people nearby immediately shielded Molly in the crowd and chided the person who followed her.

"What are you doing? Stay away from this girl, if you don't leave, we're calling the cops!"

"Why don't you do good things, instead, you choose to do bad ones?"


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