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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1260

"You know she's not easy to fool, and you're still stirring up trouble for your dad!!"

Molly pondered, "But she just asked me if I wanted to stay."

"Huh?" Felix was taken aback.

Molly nodded.

Felix looked at Rosalynn who was watching them, his eyes getting a bit misty.

He wanted to kill her child, and she not only brought the kid back for him, but also accepted her despite her being a strange child, and let her go to school.

"My kid is the smartest girl in the world, you learn fast, you learn well! Within a year, we will definitely meet her requirements!" Felix was full of confidence.

Over there, Calvin started to cry because of the seeds.

Felix was speechless

Are you kidding me?

Calvin’s strength indeed seemed very fierce.

If Calvin’s opponent were not a kid, but him, and he gave it his all, whether he could win was really a mystery.

Seeing Calvin like this, Mike had no choice but to quickly call the bodyguard responsible for protecting Ivy

Not long after, Ivy finished her class and made a video call.

"Ivy...the wisteria seeds are scattered..." Calvin sobbed to Ivy.

Ivy said, "Calvin, you're an adult. If the seeds are scattered, just find them. Why are you crying?"

Calvin didn't speak, just sobbed quietly.


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