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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1261

Hearing this, Molly found it quite amusing and even burst into laughter.

The royal fam's got their knickers in a twist big time right now.

After all, it was Simon who started the beef, Rosalynn just hit back.

But no one would've thought, right under their royal noses, Simon would get snuffed out, and in a way that the whole world knows about.

The royals' ties with both Bane Corporation and the Jared Group isn't a biggie.

The shares in these collaborations aren't much, but the collab with the Scott family, now that's a whole different ball game.

If their relationship with the Scott family goes sour cause of Simon, how they gonna play nice in the future?

Mrs. Scott of the Scott family straight up added a bounty of 30 million on the dark web and became one of Simon's hunters.

She's making her stance crystal clear.

Simon's mom, looking at her son's headless corpse, was crying her eyes out.

Her cousin is the queen, she knelt before her and said, "Your Majesty, that Jared girl has brought shame to the royal house and murdered Simon, we can't let this slide!"

The queen, sitting on her throne with a sour face, replied, "Do you think today's H Country entrepreneurs are still the same as those 40 years ago?"

40 years ago, those H Country folks would bend over backwards to give them money and collaborate with them just to make a buck.

But now, people from H Country have their own advanced tech and elite teams.

They no longer need to suck up to them.

On the flip side, they've been left in the dust, unable to keep up with H Country's development and progress over the years.

Now, they're the ones who need people from H Country.


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