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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1262

The Queen explicitly forbid their public actions, but Simon’s mother was secretly pulling the strings.

Two days have passed, and Simon's head has been found.

However, this requires a substantial amount of money.

The funeral took place quietly, without anyone noticing.

Similar to Heatherway, Simon was also prohibited from being buried in the royal cemetery.

During this period, the royal family and Simon's mother have expended a considerable amount of money in search of the killer.

Little did they know that the killer herself was busy tutored at another household.

If progress continued swiftly, she would become an elementary school student by the next spring semester.

Aside from her studies, there was something she greatly enjoys—suddenly engaging with the bodyguards.

She didn't seek out those guards she clearly surpassed in strength but specifically targeted individuals like Ableson and Mike.

Of course, even though Ableson and Mike were no match for Felix, they could still hold their own against her.

They bore no resentment and were even willing to be challenged by her, finding it rather enjoyable.

Every time they bested her, they'd comfort her, "You're still young but already so strong. Eat more meat, grow tall and big, and soon we won't stand a chance against you!"

She's cool with that.


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