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The Secret Heir's Return to Wealth and Love novel Chapter 1264

"I'm here to ask if the entrance exams can be based on the second half of the third-grade curriculum."

"In theory, yeah, we can do that. I'll have someone arrange it, just have her come take the test in a few days," the Principal replied, glancing over the test paper once more.

Her scores in science are pretty dope, but her humanities... Well, part of the reason is her handwriting sucks.

That's still a problem that needs some fixing.

"Alright," Rosalynn nodded, "What about Liam? Is he not going for the exchange program because he's broke?"

"He has a full scholarship, and as for living expenses... We, the teaching staff, have decided to chip in if he's strapped for cash! I have a relative living near the school who's willing to take Liam in, but the kid just doesn't want to go. He won't tell us why, almost making me sick with worry."

"Liam's blessed to have a teacher like you," Rosalynn expressed sincerely.

Some parents can't even do what the principal does.

"He's truly talented; it would be a waste if he doesn't fully utilize his potential!" expressed another individual.

"But at his age, his own desires matter too. He will still have opportunities to get into top schools later in high school or college," added a third person.

"Well... If he doesn't want to, I suppose that's the only solace I can find. This ungrateful kid!" the principal sighed, feeling helpless.

Once the exams concluded, Ivy, who tends to warm up slowly and doesn't vie for attention, and her classmates leisurely left the building once the crowd dispersed. As she passed by the pool, she caught sight of a familiar figure.


Liam was tying his shoelaces and glanced in her direction. Ivy joyfully ran towards him.

"Are you coming to my house during winter break?"

"I don't have the time," replied Liam.

Ivy's expression immediately turned disappointed. "Okay..."

"Did your exams go well?" Liam asked.

Ivy bit her lip and thought for a moment, "I think they went pretty alright."

"Okay, I gotta go," Liam said and prepared to leave.



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